About Kaka

Jung Choi
Music and Audio Computing Lab, GSCT, KAIST

MS in Culture Technology at Music and Audio Computing Lab, KAIST, Korea (2017~Present)
MS in Media Engineering at Interactive Entertainment Lab, Ajou university, Korea (2015~2016)
BS in Media Engineering at Ajou university, Korea (2000~2006), Full Scholarship
Daewon Foreign Language High School, Majored in French (1997~1999)

Work experience
Research Intern at Neosapience, Inc. (Summer 2018)
Research Intern at AIRI (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute) (Spring~Summer 2017)
Music Composer (Sound Team) at NoosLab, inc. (2013~2015)
Project Manager (Localization Team) at Atoonz, inc. (2011~2012)
Music Composer for Games and Ads, Freelancer (2010~2012)
Game Developer (Flash Dev. Team) at Atoonz, inc. (2007~2010) – Substitute Military Service
Composer/Bass/Acoustic Guitar in ‘Tree of Life’ (CCM band) (2001~2007)

Research Area
Semantic Feature Engineering on Music Annotation & Retrieval
Singing Voice Synthesis
Other ML/DL Topics in MIR (Music Information Retrieval)