tips for making medody


tips for making medody


  • Use other scales and make melody in that mode.

  • Use other meters (5/4, 7/4 -> 4와3으로 주로 나뉨)

  • 실험적인 도약

  • 리타르단도, 서스펜션

  • Use BRIDGE (loop에서 refreshing을 위해) 3 section

  • Singing the words


“Speech has a natural rhythm”
Rhythm is possibly more important than pitch  (IN MELODY !!)


  • Keys – know them and play with them
Each key has different energy, instrumentation, and historical use


CM : Pure, Innocence, Simplicity, Naivety

DM : Triumph, Marches, Heaven Rejoicing

Abm : Heart Squeezed until it chokes..;; Wailing Lament

Fm : Funereal, Groans of Misery

BM : Strongly Colored, Announcing Wild Passions



  • Range UP and Down
Limit yourself to a certain range or intervals

ex) only using whole step (for the melody) / or only using minor 3rds (for the melody)


  • Chords, Rhythm, Melody. which one first?

TRY using rhythm first!!


  • ‘Free writes’ Quick sketches -> Bulk

keep them for the future.


  • Listen to Everything..(others’ works)


  • Dreaming melodies and keeping Journals(keep by bed) -> RECORD IT(or write down)


  • Playing music quietly(1 volume setting) and hearing the blanks


  • Capitalize on Stickiness/Motives (Wait a day after a writing, and see if you can hum it)


  • TRY new instruments and new samples.


  • CHANGE Tempo : fast, slow, DRAW tempo track all over the place

can really change the mood


  • Retrograde (backward playing) -> weird melody

setting on your DAW


  • Inversions – fun house, mirror images


  • Swung / Not Swung (셔플)


  • Write somewhere different than usual,

(Bar, Car, Cafe, Bathroom) Walk around.


  • Counterpoint 대위법 : STUDY and know the rules. (all suspensions and stuff..)


  • Know scales steps and where they long to go, And then, be unpredictable

: Tension and release in the melody


  • Method change (Keys, Guitar, Mic, Mouse)


  • Using SFX (real sounds) or instrumentalization of FX


  • Seriallism / 12 tone rows :현대음악의 시도들을 가져와보기










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